EUR 3.7M for academia and industry to pave the way for sustainable production of chemicals

With EUR 3.7 million from EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, Aarhus University has teamed up with 21 other European industries and universities in a project to create natural and sustainable chemical products by mimicking the metabolism of living organisms.

Spinchem shares 40 million SEK in research project

The Umeå company Spinchem shares about 40 million SEK in an international research project funded by the European Union.
”This is good timing for SpinChem since our strategy is to create new environmentally friendly, bio-based processes for industry,” says Emil Byström, CEO of Spinchem.

EnginZyme raises €6.4M for cell-free synbio

The Stockholm based company claims to be the European hope in the otherwise US-led field of synthetic biology. „We look forward to developing commercial chemical process based on enzymatic cascades, and expanding our technology platform.“ says Karim Engelmark Cassimjee, CEO.

The University of Oviedo participates in a European project to generate textiles and bioplastics from natural sources

INTERfaces focuses on the use of chemical compounds from the timber industry and agriculture to obtain others with high added value