The new textbook ’Enzyme Cascade Design and Modelling’ by Florian Rudroff (TU Vienna, Austria) and our INTERfaces coordinator Selin Kara (Aarhus University, Denmark) has been released by Springer International Publishing. It covers both fundamentals and deeper insights into the development of multi-enzymatic and chemoenzymatic cascades and is intended as a textbook for graduate students.

Chapter 3 and 5 were contributed by Robert Kourist and Harald Gröger, both academic supervisors in INTERfaces. Chapter 7 with the focus on ‘Enzyme Cascade Reaction Engineering’ was contributed by Philipp Petermeier (ESR13), who is part of the INTERfaces Work Package 3, Process Engineering & Up-Scaling.

Link to the overall book:

Link to the book chapter of ESR13 and SK: