Milica Milić

Medium and reaction engineering of enzymatic cascade for furan-dicarboxylic acid synthesis

Affiliation | Aarhus University, Denmark
Secondment | SpinChem, Sweden

I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Biochemical engineering in Biotechnology at the University of Belgrade in 2017. Following this, I simultaneously enrolled in two Master’s programs – Biochemical engineering at the same university, and Molecular bioengineering at the Technical University of Dresden. The focus of my research has always revolved around immobilized enzymes and their various application possibilities, ranging from food production, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, and most recently, sustainable production.

Travel, books, art history, museums and café culture

What is the most useless talent you have?
I can sleep through anything, including but not limited to construction work, an earthquake and a fire alarm. Sometimes useful, mostly dangerous.

Where is the worst smelling place you have been?
A leather tannery, but since I’m an avid perfume (ab)user, even the worst place will have a hint of fragrance in my presence

What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing?
I once ate about a kilo of chocolate in one sitting. Trust no one.

About which topics could you talk for hours?
Conspiracy theories, linguistics, my current Netflix/literary obsession, psychology… but pretty much anything.