The Erwin Wenzl Prize (EWP) is an annual state prize granted for outstanding achievements by young Upper Austrians. The EWP is presented by the governor and honors the accomplishments of apprenticeship, school, and university graduates likewise. All award recipients are selected by an expert panel and represent the full spectrum of work and research in Austria. Philipp Petermeier (ESR13) received his Erwin Wenzl Appreciation Prize for two Master’s theses in different fields of research. His works in biocatalysis and energetic biomass utilization have the following titles and were carried out in the research groups and institutions indicated:

1. “Chemoenzymatic, stereoselective synthesis of multisubstituted piperidines employing batch and flow methodologies” (Elk Group at UNI Graz)

2. “Kinetic modelling of thermal product gas reformation for countercurrent biomass gasification” (BIOS GmbH and TU Graz)

Congratulations Philipp for this achievement!!!