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Iván Lavandera editor of “Biocatalysis for Practitioners – Techniques, Reactions and Applications”

The corona home office was well used by many scientists. One brilliant example is the the textbook “Biocatalysis for Practitioners – Techniques, Reactions and Applications” where Iván Lavandera (INTERfaces PI, University of Oviedo) together with Gonzalo de Gonzalo (University of Sevilla) joined forces to edit a remarkable work for Wiley-VCH.

“This book presents an overview with a clear focus on practical aspects of biocatalysis. Reliable experimental information, useful purification methods and tips and tricks for the use of enzymes are included. A must-have for everyone who works or is going to work in this field.”

Besides their own contributions, they worked together with an exquisite range of experts in their field with many INTERfaces PIs being among them. Following, we give their names in the order of contributions to chapters: Fernando López-Gallego (CICbiomaGUNE), Chapter 3: “Immobilization Techniques for the Preparation of Supported Biocatalysts: Making Better Biocatalysts Through Protein Immobilization”; Robert Kourist (acib GmbH), Chapter 4: “Compartmentalization in Biocatalysis”; Bernd Nidetzky (TU Graz), Chapter 8: “Glycosyltransferase Cascades Made Fit for the Biocatalytic Production of Natural Product Glycosides”; Vicente Gotor-Fernández (University of Oviedo), Chapter 13: “Practical Multienzymatic Transformations: Combining Enzymes for the One-pot Synthesis of Organic Molecules in a Straightforward Manner”; Harald Gröger (Bielefeld University), Chapter 14: “Chemoenzymatic Sequential One-Pot Protocols”; and Iván Lavandera (University of Oviedo, Chapter 16: “Enzymatic Commercial Sources”

Congratulations to this great work!

Link to the overall book: