The previous INTERfaces advertisement video was envisioned as an introductory document to the INTERfaces consortium to depict the main working lines and philosophy of INTERfaces. Explaining the motivation of the project – starting from a broad perspective accessible also to non-scientific audiences –, mission, and ultimate vision and expected deliverables. The video was/is meant to be the first approach to our target audiences, and thus, emphasis is put on communicating the “WHY” of INTERfaces. In this second session of the visuals, the “INTERfaces Video and Infographic Part 1” we had two main objectives; communicating the steps of the research more in detail; focusing on the ESR’s and evoking the team spirit. Emphasis is put on communicating the “HOW” of INTERfaces. The main idea for this round of dissemination was thus explaining the experiments, Work Packages and enzymes, show similarities and connections (also between ESRs), and reflecting the connections between materials and persons with colors and keywords. We want to explain how the connections between people and projects are. Additionally, to include the human component and the difficulties INTERfaces faced during this COVID pandemic times, we also included the “Corona effect” and how the ESRs were affected.