Congratulations to Luisa Merz (ESR5) who presented part of her research work from the INTERfaces project with a poster with the title: “Exploring SpATA: Determining the stability of Silicibacter pomeroyi transaminase” at NextGenBiocat Symposium which took place in Delft on 25th-26th of April.

Each year Next Generation Biocatalysis aims to bring PhD students, postdocs and early-career PIs together to exchange views on the status and future developments in Biocatalysis, showcase their research, discuss ideas and career experiences, and create collaborations. Organized by young researchers of Uni Bern, TU Delft, Uni Groningen and Uni Graz, NextGenBiocat 2022 has seen massive participation of young researchers who had the opportunity to feature their research in enzyme-catalyzed reactions, innovative cascade processes, enzymatic mechanisms, as well as protein, metabolic and reaction engineering.