INTERfaces Conference IBPRO2022- Save the date!

Intensifying Biocatalytic Processes – From Enzyme and Material Design to Industrial Applications
IBPRO2022 (28th – 30th of March 2022, Bielefeld; Germany)

IBPRO2022 will take place at the ZiF, Bielefeld, and its program will be divided into four sessions with keynote lectures, oral presentations and a poster session.

Session 1: Enzyme discovery and design for industrial applications
Session 2: Heterogenization of biocatalysts with tailor-made materials
Session 3: Intensification of heterogenized bioprocesses: Multicatalytic cascades and flow biocatalysis
Session 4: Out-of-the-box methods: Future trends in biocatalysis?

The symposium will provide a unique opportunity for presentation and discussions of new findings in many different subjects related to biocatalysis and will take place in the frame of the International CeBiTec Symposion (ICS), an outstanding series of symposia. The ICS is offering a great platform for a focused, specialized and highly applied scientific research community

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Sep 06 - 11 2021