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Article on IBPRO2022 with INTERfaces as co-organizer in CeBiTec-Quarterly publication (Spring 2022)

“CeBiTec – Quarterly (Spring 2022)” the IBPRO2022 conference where INTERfaces was co-organizer was described in the new “CeBiTec-Quarterly” publication (Spring 2022) within the CeBiTec publication series.

11th  International CeBiTec Research Conference in Bielefeld on intensification of biocatalytic processes took place as a “hybrid event” was completed successfully. Round of applause to Selin Kara and Harald Gröger and their teams for the organization, all lectures, participants and ESRs to made this event happen with a great success.

Congratulation again to The teutolab-biotechnologie student laboratory which wins the LeLa Prize – 1st place in the Experiment of the Year category with the online course “Evolution of Coronaviruses”.