Say goodby to our great team!!

It was amazing to see for the first time in person so many of “our” ESRs (Seika Ishii, Luisa Maren Merz, Kamela Myrtollari, Antía Pintor Labandeira, Karishma Shah, Nicoletta Cascelli, Lucija Ružić, Nicolette Czarnievicz, Iulia Rădoi, Jakub F. Kornecki, Chiara Danielli, Božidar Duić, Milica Milić and Philipp Petermeier) and additionally welcome some of the PIs of our project in Aarhus.

This first week was filled with teaching, activities and meetings and all of us are now tired but happy! We are looking forward to October when the second part of the Process Engineering School is going to take place on-line with the scientific lectures.

Thank you to Aarhus University for providing the venue and to Selin Kara, Milica Milić and Philipp Petermeier for their work. Great job!!!

Thank you all for joining our hybrid event in Aarhus and see you soon in Bielefeld University for our next in-person event and IBPRO2022 conference next year!!!!!