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Publication by Nicoletta Cascelli and Antía Pintor

Book chapter about “Versatility of microbial laccases in industrial applications”

Congratulations to Nicoletta Cascelli (former ESR7) and her supervisors Vincenzo Lettera and Giovanni Sannia (BioPox), also INTERfaces who have contributed to a book chapter in the new book “Bacterial Laccases”. The chapter aims to provide up-to-date information on laccases’ biotechnological applications and to explore innovative trends after comprehensive analysis of recent literature and patents, pointing out limitations and challenges for their main applications in industry.

What a great work! It will be published in 2024 and if you are curious about the content of the 11th chapter have a look at the abstract!

Authors: Vincenzo Lettera, Nicoletta Cascelli, Addolorata De Chiaro, Giovanni Sannia

Year of publication: 2024