Jakub Franciszek Kornecki

Selective synthesis of 2,5-dihydroxymethyl furane (BHMF) catalyzed by self-sufficient immobilized multi-enzyme systems

Affiliation | CASCAT GmBH, Germany
Secondment | CICbiomaGUNE, Spain

During my Master’s degree I’ve been part of a group that had as a goal the improvement of enzymes capable of processing lignocellulosic biomass via directed evolution and afterwards I’ve been working within Roberto Fernandez-Lafuente group, producing and characterizing biocatalyst trough enzyme immobilization and chemical modification.

I love swimming and hiking, but if I have to stay home I really enjoy cooking and playing desktop/videogames. Also traveling.

What is the most useless talent you have?
I can blow air through my eye socket.

Where is the worst smelling place you have been?
Inside a portable bathroom at a music festival.

What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing?
I was convinced by my friend to leave this profile picture in here.

About which topics could you talk for hours?
Actually, there are many, like which is the best fantasy world in literature, craft beer and affordable travelling destinations that are incredibly enjoyable.