Prof. Bernd Nidetzky

Institute of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering, TU Graz
Petersgasse 12, 8010 Graz, Austria

Institute of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering, TU Graz

Prof. Bernd Nidetzky
BN is WP1 “Material & Protein Design for Enzyme Immobilization” Leader. BN will be the academic supervisor of ESR1 and ESR2. BN is an expert in enzymology of carbohydrate-active enzymes and has developed different applications with these enzymes. In particular, he has developed several enzymatic processes for production of functional glycosides (e.g., glucosylglycerol, L-ascorbic acid glucoside, natural product glycosides) and was also involved in the exploitation and successful implementation of this process at industrial scale. BN is also an expert in development of cascade transformations on carbohydrates. BN holds a PhD in Chemisty/Biotechnology. He is Full Professor of Biotechnology (2002) at Graz University of Technology. Since 2004, he is Head of the Institute of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering. Since 2014, BN is Scientific Director (CSO) of the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (acib). He is also coordinator of the research area Human & Biotechnology at Graz University of Technology, one of the five fields of expertise of this university. BN is highly experienced in integrating research in enzymology and enzyme reaction engineering for development of optimized biotransformations.

Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment
Competences and facilities. Applied enzymology, biocatalysis and reaction engineering; micro-structured flow reactors for biocatalysis; enzyme immobilization at different formats; enzyme de-velopment and optimization of reaction conditions in microscale flow reactors and batch reactors; process intensification for enzymatic conversions using microreactors. Laboratory for synthesis and preparation of materials; equipment for enzyme development; platform for the performance of biotransformations at batch or continuous mode; fully interfaced platform of microfluidic reactors for biotransformations using immobilized enzymes.

Hosting University: Graz University of Technology
Graz University of Technology (TUG) is represented by the Institute of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering (Biotech). The Institute of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering is the main Austrian university institution for basic and applied research at the interface of biological sciences and process engineering. The aim is to achieve innovative solutions for efficient and accelerated process development in biotechnology using an integrated scientific-technological approach that combines advanced methods of molecular and process bioengineering. The research activities are focused on three main fields: applied enzymology and enzyme technology; metabolic and reaction engineering for biocatalysis and renewable resource utilization; and glycobiotechnology.

Relevant Publications and/or Research / Innovation Product

  1. J.M. Bolivar, V. Gascon, C. Marquez-Alvarez, R.M. Blanco, B. Nidetzky. Oriented Coimmobilization of Oxidase and Catalase on Tailor-Made Ordered Mesoporous Silica, Langmuir, 2017, 33 (20), 5065-5076.
  2. J.M. Bolivar, D. Valikhani, B. Nidetzky. Demystifying the Flow: Biocatalytic Reaction Intensifi-cation in Microstructured Enzyme Reactors, Biotechnology Journal, 2018, 14, 1800244.
  3. C. Zhong, B. Duic, J.M. Bolivar, B. Nidetzky. Three-Enzyme Phosphorylase Cascade Immobilized on Solid Support for Biocatalytic Synthesis of Cello-oligosaccharides, ChemCatChem, 2020, 12 (5), 1350-1358.