ViaZym B.V.

Molengraaffsingel 10, 2629JD, Delft, The Netherlands

Hosting Company: ViaZym B.V.
ViaZym delivers products and services that lead to the optimum use of enzymes. ViaZym applies a technology platform for the binding of enzymes to industrial (carrier) materials. The applications of these immobilized enzymes are found in the ‘green’ production of chemicals, food ingredients and cosmetic ingredients. Typical target products are chiral building blocks and derivatives of natural compounds, such as sugars and peptides.

Researchers associated with INTERfaces
Luuk van Langen will be the supervisor of ESR5 and ESR11 and supervise research of efforts towards immobilization of enzymes and the development of routes that provide the optimum use of these biocatalysts. Dr. Van Langen received his PhD in Organic Chemistry and Biocatalysis at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in 2001 with Prof. Dr. Roger A Sheldon. He was involved in starting-up and managing two biocatalysis SME’s. Dr. van Langen has published so far 33 journal articles in the field of biocatalysis.

Key Research Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment
Fully equipped laboratory (50 m2) for organic synthesis, comprising of four fume hoods. Laboratory equipment includes: organic synthesis equipment (rotavapor, overhead stirrers, shakers, column reactors, distillation equipment, etc); general equipment (ovens, shake incubators, centrifuges, tablet press, gas network); analytic equipment (HPLC, GC, DSC, titrator, UV-VIS, rheometer).

  Relevant Publications and/or Research / Innovation Product

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